Once the student has been admitted to candidacy, they must form a dissertation committee consisting of five faculty members, with at least three drawn from across the Department of Statistical Sciences and Operations Research and/or the Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics and at least one drawn from outside these two departments. The studentís advisor will chair the committee and the committee must be approved by the Graduate Program Director and the Graduate Dean of the College of Humanities and Sciences.

Please note that a faculty member is not obliged to serve on a committee or advise a particular student. You are requesting a significant amount of time and effort from them and they must allocate their time according to their other duties at the university. If you do not make significant progress in a given semester, they may assign a grade of U and you may be terminated from the program. However, if you do make progress then you have the chance to make a significant contribution to research in this field and possibly have a significant impact on a variety of businesses, non-profit organizations or government agencies.

Once a dissertation committee has been formed, all students must complete the Admission to Candidacy Form and submit it to their dissertation adviser.